Belhaven House Hotel



Responsible Person: Bruce Henricksen

Deputy: Diana Henricksen

At Night:-
On retiring, Responsible Person should take a master key for upper rooms ie ( Rooms 5,6, 11 and 12 ) to Managers Suite( on middle i.e. 1st floor) and hang key on hook inside Fire door at entrance to Suite.
Likewise Deputy should take up another master key for lower rooms ie (Rooms 9,10, 7 , and 8 ) and hang them on the adjoining hook inside the Fire door.

In the event of the alarm sounding the Responsible Person should leave the Managers Suite, taking with him his key and head up the main( east ie N0.29) staircase checking Room 3, and the Lounge on the way up to the top ( 2nd) floor and rouse the occupants of Rooms 12, 11, 5 and 6, opening the doors if necessary to ensure they are awake and aware of the alarm. He should then head back down the main staircase and check the bar, dining room and kitchen areas, collecting the bookings diary from by the kitchen's telephone. He should then exit by the kitchen rear door to ensure the occupant of Room 1 is awake before heading up the steps to check the Boilerhouse. If there is fire/smoke anywhere he should call the Fire Brigade on his mobile phone, while heading up through the Carpark to Fulke Street. He should open the gates on the way, in case any Customers need to use the same route of escape or the Emergency Services need access to the rear of the Hotel.

If there is neither fire nor smoke he should return into the building via the kitchen rear door and proceed to the Control Panel in the porch of No,29 to stop and re-set the alarm.

Meantime, the Deputy on hearing the alarm should take her key, and go to the west( No.28) staircase to rouse the occupants of Rooms 9, 10 & 10a, 8 and 7 again by opening the doors to check they are awake and on the move. She should then proceed out of No.28 frontdoor to go to the front of No. 30, the Assembly Point.l

On the way, IF there is no sign of fire or smoke inside the glass of No.29 frontdoor, she should open it with her masterkey to ease the exit of the occupants to the Assembly Point and allow Emergency Services access should they need to be called.
When both the Responsible Person and Deputy have reached the Assembly Point the roll call should be called from the Diary.
After the Fire Drill, Emergency or false alarm is over the Responsible Person should complete the Fire Log in detail.

Risk Assessment